Communication in Everyday Life: A Survey of Communication

A Survey of Communication
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978-1-5443-4987-9 (9781544349879)
Steve Duck taught in the United Kingdom before taking up the Daniel and Amy Starch Distinguished Research Chair in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Iowa. He has been a professor of communication studies, an adjunct professor of psychology, and a former Dean's Administrative Fellow and is now Chair of the Rhetoric Department. He has taught interpersonal communication courses, mostly on relationships but also on nonverbal communication, communication in everyday life, construction of identity, communication theory, organizational leadership, and procedures and practices for leaders. More recently, he has taught composition, speaking, and rhetoric, especially for STEM students. By training an interdisciplinary thinker, Steve has focused on the development and decline of relationships, although he has also done research on the dynamics of television production techniques and persuasive messages in health contexts. Steve has written or edited 60 books on relationships and other matters and was the founder and, for the first 15 years, the editor of the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. His book Meaningful Relationships: Talking, Sense, and Relating won the G. R. Miller Book Award from the Interpersonal Communication Division of the National Communication Association. Steve cofounded a series of international conferences on personal relationships. He won the University of Iowa's first Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award in 2001 and the National Communication Association's Robert J. Kibler Memorial Award in 2004 for "dedication to excellence, commitment to the profession, concern for others, vision of what could be, acceptance of diversity, and forthrightness." He was the 2010 recipient of the UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Helen Kechriotis Nelson Teaching Award for a lifetime of excellence in teaching, and in the same year was elected one of the National Communication Association's Distinguished Scholars. He received the NCA's 2019 Mark L. Knapp Award in Interpersonal Communication for career contributions to the study of interpersonal communication. He hopes to make it to the Iowa State Fair one day.

David T. McMahan received his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in 2001. With research focusing on the social aspects of media and technology, personal relationships, and rhetorical criticism, he is the author of multiple books, and his research and scholarship have been published in numerous academic journals and edited volumes. He was named a Centennial Scholar by the Eastern Communication Association. David has taught courses that span the discipline of communication, including numerous courses in interpersonal communication and personal relationships, media and technology, communication education, theory, and criticism. He has been honored to receive multiple awards for his work in the classroom. A tremendously active member of the discipline, David's his extensive record of service includes President of the Central States Communication Association, Editor of the Iowa Journal of Communication, and Consulting Editor of the Journal of Communication Pedagogy, along with membership and activity on a vast number of academic committees, executive boards, and editorial boards. He will serve as President of the National Communication Association in 2021. David hopes to one day have the winning entry in the Super Bull competition at the Iowa State Fair.
"This text is an excellent choice for an Introduction to Communication Studies course--it is understandable, relatable, and does a great job integrating current research in a variety of communication contexts."

--Lisa Weckerle "This book provides a well-written and interesting look at all aspects of communication. My students actually enjoy reading it!"

--Donna L. Halper "A fun and thorough conversation about communication."

--Brigit K. Talkington "This textbook provides a unique perspective on communication that allows students to become more aware of the impact of communication in their lives."

--Heidi L. Muller "A very comprehensive survey of interpersonal communication on a wide array of levels that is easy to understand and is appealing to any audience."

--Christopher H. Smejkal "Communication In Everyday Life is a student-focused, student-minded text that approaches communication not as an abstract process, but as the primary mechanism which defines our lives and our reality."

--Andrew F. Rosbury "Communication in Everyday Life delivers on the promise of its title: it demonstrates to students through explanation, research, and well-chosen examples how communication is the fabric of relationships, which emerge, exist, and end in everyday interaction. This book helps students to understand how they create their identity, their relationships, their families, their cultures, and their careers through everyday communication. It balances theory and insight with tools to improve communication skills, and it therefore offers a tremendous practical benefit to students."

--Lance Brendan Young "Communication in Everyday Life is a wonderful resource for students aspiring to learn more about relationships, media, and communication. It is practical and reminds readers of the many ways we can improve our communication skills to better serve us in areas such as the workplace, family settings, and healthcare. With tremendous attention to detail, the text is an excellent foundation for students as they begin studying communication."

--Alison N. Novak

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