American Disruptor

The Scandalous Life of Leland Stanford
University of California Press
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The rags to riches story of Silicon Valley's original disruptor.

American Disruptor is the untold story of Leland Stanford - from his birth in a backwoods bar to the founding of the world-class university that became and remains the nucleus of Silicon Valley. The life of this robber baron, politician, and historic influencer is the astonishing tale of how one supremely ambitious man became this country's original "disruptor" - reshaping industry and engineering one of the greatest raids on the public treasury for America's transcontinental railroad, all while living more opulently than maharajas, kings, and emperors.

It is also the saga of how Stanford, once a serial failure, overcame all obstacles to become one of America's most powerful and wealthiest men, using his high elective office to enrich himself before losing the one thing that mattered most to him - his only child and son. Scandal and intrigue would follow Stanford through his life, and even after his death, when his widow was murdered in a Honolulu hotel - a crime quickly covered up by the almost stillborn university she had saved. Richly detailed and deeply researched, American Disruptor restores Leland Stanford's rightful place as a revolutionary force and architect of modern America.
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978-0-520-38323-4 (9780520383234)
Roland De Wolk is an investigative reporter in print, broadcast, and online journalism. He is a historian, university adjunct, and, of course, an author.
Prologue: Fell Redemption

1. Start-Up
2. Everything Ventured
3. Crossing
4. The Gold under the Mountain
5. Ditching and Hitching
6. "The Road Must Be Built"
7. "Egyptian Kings and Dynasties Shall Be Forgotten"
8. Dungeons and Depredations
9. Living Up to the Landscape
10. Command and Control
11. "The Machine of Steam on the Road of Iron"
12. Unmasked
13. Gone Dark
14. Ingeniously Contrived Devices
15. Deposed
16. The Fundamental Standard
17. Sex and Socialism
18. "God Forgive Me My Sins. Am I Prepared to Meet My Dear Ones?"

Requiem: American Disruptor

Bibliographical Note
About the Author
"Stanford was an uneducated anti-intellectual, yet defined himself as "a technologist" and wanted Stanford University to thrive as a trade school. He played a major role in vaulting America into peak ascendancy, yet had few qualms bilking taxpayers out of millions of dollars in the process (before going on to be a U.S. Senator). And those are just a few of the threads that De Wolk pulls to weave an engaging and highly relevant portrait of a profoundly influential, turbulent and, yes-"scandalous" life." * The Six Fifty * "A superb new account of Stanford's 'preposterous career and life.'" * Berkeleyside * "The original tech bro? Leland Stanford, co-founder of Stanford University, emerges as a spiritual forefather of Silicon Valley-style monopolism, exploitation and conflicts of interest in this dramatic new biography by Bay Area journalism professor Roland De Wolk." * KQED Arts * "American Disruptor provides a dense but swift-moving primer on Stanford's rise from tavern owner's son to tycoon." * Stanford Magazine * "Readable and entertaining. . . . De Wolk not only introduces a much more believable Stanford, warts and all, but also does a great job of showing how his legacy and reputation was managed, massaged and sanitized after his death." * True West *

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