Advanced Research in Materials Science III

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This volume contains peer-reviewed papers presented at the 8th International Conference on Materials Science (ICMS 2019) held at Ulan-Ude, Russia, August 24-28, 2019 and focuses on the structures, properties, and applications of new materials as well as their characterization techniques.
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978-3-0357-1569-9 (9783035715699)
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X-Ray Diffraction Analysis of YSAG:Yb Ceramic Powders with Different Stoichiometry
Electrical Conductivity and Phase Transitions in Ferroelectric Solid Solutions Li0.17Na0.83 Nb1- O3 (y = 0 - 0.5) in High Pressure
The Influence of Hydrostatic Pressure on the Binding Energy of Hydrogenic Impurity State in a Wurtzite AlyGa1-yN/AlxGa1-xN Parabolic Quantum Well
Synthesis and Luminescence Properties of Rare Earth (Eu, Tb) Complexes of Octanoylphenylalanine
Magnetic Volume Effect of Hydrogen Diffusion in Palladium
Synthesis and Optical Absorption Properties of Yttrium (III) Acylaminocarboxylates Complexes
CaCO3 Nanopowder Production by Co-Precipitation of Aerosols of Precursor Solutions of Na2CO3 and CaCl2
Estimating Ag-Cu Nanoalloy Applicability for PCM Data Recording
A New Synthesis Method for Lithium Tantalate Charge Doped with Rare-Earth Elements
Study on Modified High Voltage (5V) Spinel Lithium Manganate Used for Energy Storage Lithium Titanate Batteries
Semiconductor Nanostructures for Modern Electronics
Effects of Radio-Frequency Power and Deposition Pressure on Structures and Properties of Silicon-Rich Silicon Nitride Thin Films
Carrier and Transition Metals (M = Nb, Cr and Fe) Doping Effects on Structure and Electronic Structure in Spinel Li4Ti5O12 Compounds
Computer Simulation of the Formation Process of Cu-Au Nanoparticles by Condensation
The Research for Approaches to Increase Power of the Compact THz Emitters Based on Low-Temperature Gallium Arsenide Heterostructures
Morphology, Sizes and Oxidation of Composite Copper Nanopowders, Obtained by an Electron Beam with Different Energies
XRD Quantitative Analysis of Cathode Deposition Formed by DC Arc-Discharge in Water
Study of Structural and Magnetic Properties of Spinel Zn Doped Cobalt Ferrites
Hardening of Silumin by Composite Particles Core/Shell Si@Mg
Recognition of the Crystal Structure Clusters in Fast-Cooled Amorphous Medium
Elastic Properties and Glass Forming Ability of the Zr50Cu40Ag10 Metallic Alloy
Amorphous Porous Phase of Nitinol Generated by Ultrafast Isobaric Cooling

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