Resolving Repressed Traumas and PTSD
Robert H DeMotte (Verlag)
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Healing with Hypnotherapy, is a culmination of 35-years of teaching hypnotism workshops and a career as a hypnotherapist. In putting this training guide together, I felt it imperative that the prospective student understand what hypnosis is, how it is used in a therapeutic setting, and why anyone would consider hypnotherapy as a career.
Three questions-what, how and why-are answered in considerable detail throughout the text. In addition, the reader/student will learn where and when hypnosis is best used. In answer to the question, "Do I need a college degree or advanced certification to become a professional hypnotherapist?" The answer is, "No!"
However, you must have a burning desire to help those who want to be helped. Lacking quality life experiences is a huge deficit in the field of hypnotherapy. Those who practice hypnotherapy daily, find it to be the most satisfying and motivating factor in their life. Rarely will a well-trained hypnotist be unhappy doing this work!
Based upon his long history of doing therapy sessions and conducting training workshops, Casino Danova has put his hard-won experiences in this study guide. Millions of depressing and unhappy clients will need well-trained hypnotherapists who can eradicate their suffering. Of all the people you know, who live in all those houses you pass each day, do you know of one person who doesn't want to sleep better, eat right, stop smoking, or alleviate his or her stress level-including PTSD. The world is suffocating under a black fog of pain. Your skills may be all a client needs to return to a content, useful life.
The last thing a client wants is for a therapist to pamper them like babies. The author has dedicated his life to healing emotional pain, not change diapers. And, his success rate has been phenomenal. It's all there on the Testimonials page.
Be prepared to dig into the best training you've ever been privileged to obtain. Each concept uses personal examples, as well as anecdotes from his MFT and LCSW students. The text is loaded with induction techniques, case histories, and a matrix of scripted suggestions, providing you with superb training.
There are many clever tips, based upon Danova's years of failures and successes. The first tip is to listen! When others are talking, don't be thinking about a past event in your life that may one-up their story. Your client expects you to listen to his problem. He doesn't care about yours. Start reading! Start practicing! A financially-rewarding future is in your hands!
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