Assertiveness Training, Conversation Skills. How To Feel Like A King in Any Social Situation And Get What You Want While Respecting the Needs of Others
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Do you feel angry and frustrated when saying "yes" to something that you'd rather say "no" to? Have you felt that your opinion isn't worth as much as that of others in the same room as you? Have you ever secretly wished that you had the confidence and charisma to be able to connect instantly with pretty much anyone?Then you need to keep reading...
"No matter what job you have in life, your success will be determined 5% by your academic credentials, 15% by your professional experiences, and 80% by your communication skills." - Stephen Wang
The reality is that people that can communicate their thoughts, opinions, and wants are the ones that can succeed the most and reach their goals and objectives.
Most people believe that you are either born assertive or you aren't. But how much truth is in this?
Also, talking with strangers can be quite challenging for a lot of people. The fear of running out of things to say or making a fool out of yourself can be nerve-wracking. Because of this, most prefer to never take action and simply watch in frustration how those that are better at socializing and conversation take all the accolades, make great connections and succeed in life with greater ease.

Fortunately, even if you currently consider yourself to be the LEAST assertive or social person you know of, there is a LOT that you can do to turn your life around completely.

In this book, you'll discover:
-The key difference that sets apart assertive people from passive or aggressive people.

-Basic body language hacks that everyone can immediately apply to be perceived as more confident.

-A proven roadmap to increase your sense of confidence when interacting with others.

-A painless way to eliminate social anxiety for the rest of your lifetime.

-Safe strategies to help break the ice with pretty much anyone!

-Crucial mistakes to avoid that make most people fail and act either too passively or too aggressively.

-Secret hacks that will help save you a lot of time and become a better conversationalist and reach your goals quicker than you imagine.

-Safe strategies to become more assertive in business or at the workplace so that you can reach your career goals quicker.

-A proven road map that anyone can use to boost their conversation skills even if they are extremely anti social.

-Effective strategies that actors and celebrities use that will help dramatically improve your body language and how others perceive you.
-And much more..
There is a good wealth of scientific research that has shown how being assertive lowers stress and anxiety levels. It can also have a profound effect on lowering depression and other mood disorders.
Being more assertive can also help you have better control of your emotions and thoughts during all time.
Scientific research has shown that developing social and conversational skills can lead to decreased levels of stress, anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.
Having a solid set of social skills inevitably leads to better life outcomes.
Years of studying how our behavior patterns work in society has now made this type of training so easy-to-follow that even the shyest person you can think of can turn their life around with the correct roadmap.
So if you want to make sure that you don't ever say "yes" to things you don't want to do ever again and also become an amazing conversationalist, make connections quicker, or increase your charisma, then scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button now!

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