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This diagnostic manual provides a uniform and unique function-based classification system for categorizing problem behaviors in schools. Written by the author of the bestselling textbook on functional behavioral assessment (FBA), the Cipani Behavioral Classification System (BCS) contained in this manual provides an invaluable alternative to the idiosyncratic descriptions of problem behavior functions currently employed in FBA reports. Instead, it provides school personnel a standardized classification system for selecting the hypothesized function of problem behaviors. For each of 13 distinct functions in the Cipani BCS, there is a general description, explanation, and illustrative example of the category.Behavioral Classification System for Problem Behaviors in Schools contains:A comprehensive delineation of the 13 categories in the Cipani Behavioral Classification System (BCS) for classifying the function of problem behaviors in schools, providing a standardized mechanism for diagnosing the function of problem behavior for FBAsA straightforward path from diagnostic category to the selection of effective functional treatmentsPractice cases to facilitate user's understanding of how to diagnose the function and its respective classification category.Examples of validation test procedures for specific functions along with hypothetical dataSample written material for FBA reports and IEPs that serve as models for readers when doing similar exercisesA model for writing FBAs in a more precise way with respect to the motivational condition "driving" the function.School psychologists and other personnel who conduct FBAs will greatly appreciate the unique classification system presented in this new book, especially when conducting assessment activities and subsequent report writing.
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Table of ContentsAuthors BiographiesFor Faculty InstructorsPrefaceCipani Behavioral Classification System (BCS) CategoriesEssential Terms to KnowSection I: Diagnostic Manual1.0 Direct Access (DA) Functions1.1 DA- Immediate sensory stimuli1.2 DA- Tangible reinforcers2.0 Socially Mediated Access (SMA) Functions2.1 SMA- Adult attention2.2 SMA- Peer attention2.3 SMA- Tangible reinforcers3.0 Direct Escape (DE) Functions3.1 DE- Unpleasant social situations3.2 DE- Lengthy tasks/chores/assignments3.3 DE- Difficult tasks/chores/assignments3.4 DE- Aversive physical stimuli/event4.0 Socially Mediated Escape (SME) functions4.1 SME- Unpleasant social situations4.2 SME- Lengthy tasks/chores/assignments4.3 SME- Difficult tasks/chores/assignments4.4 SME- Aversive physical stimuli/eventSection II: Practice Case Illustrations ReferencesAppendix A: Hypothetical Examples of Trigger AnalysisAppendix B: Report Format for FBAs

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