Constructing a New Canon of Post-1980s Indian English Fiction

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The literary canon implies the evaluation or estimation of certain literary texts as the most important during a particular time. The canon is not merely a set of texts; it is a set of standards, evaluative procedures and values. Belonging to a canon confers a guarantee of literary greatness. A canon is formed, by a particular group, to channelize cultural hegemony over others, or, can be constructed, by a governed group, to bring about cultural symmetry. The rise of diverse literatures in English in different parts of the world after the colonial rule of England was the consequence of an urge to articulate a cultural equilibrium or an urge to strike back. The process of canon formation is also a focused and bigoted act, and is always carried out to accomplish certain self-centred objectives. It is commonly accepted that canon formation is executed to accomplish or naturalize certain ideological functions.

In the sphere of Indian English literature, Indian English fiction after the end of the 1980s has emerged as a new "canon". This book looks into the process of literary canon formation in Indian universities, and examines such fiction as an alternative literary canon and as an anti-imperialistic response to the British literary canon. The book ascertains the anti-imperialistic design involved in forming the canon of post-1980 Indian English fiction, examines the gradual emerging trends in such fiction, and discerns the role of language, culture, and native ethos in the formation of a canon. It also differentiates post-1980s Indian English fiction from British fiction, bhasa fiction, and even from pre-1980s Indian English fiction.
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Sahdev Luhar teaches at College of Agriculture at Anand Agricultural University, Vaso, Gujarat, India. He has authored two monographs and several research articles. His areas of interest are cultural studies, narrative studies, and contemporary Indian English.

Professor Madhurita Choudhary teaches at Department of English at the Faculty of Arts of the M S University of Baroda, Vadodara, Gujarat, India. During her teaching career, she has taught a wide range of courses concerning English studies, and has authored numerous research articles for literary journals of national and international repute. She is considered an authoritative voice in the fields of American poetry, American fiction, Indian writing in English, gender studies, and English studies.

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