You are that Tree (Book 1 Hardback )

The Garden of Eden
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You are the Tree, an exposé on the two trees in the Garden of Eden, opens up on the power within you, either to be the tree of life - which is the expression of God through flesh - or the tree of good and evil.
The author expounds deeply on the forbidden apple, which is the "way without God; the path of self; the way of disobedience." She explains the consequences of "giving the forbidden apple a bite," which is to make a decision to follow your own path in life, instead of God's.

Learn in this blockbuster book, how you can differentiate between the voice of the snake and that of God, which is the first major struggle of many people. And, how you can put the "snakes" - the wrong voices and influences - out of the garden of your life.

This is your season to step into the next level of life!
BRILLIANT! A MUST READ! A MUST SHARE! As an author and bible scholar I avoid writing reviews about fellow authors but when you read biblical literary works like this you feel compelled as a Servant of God to tell others. This a masterpiece from cover to cover. This book will change your life and inspire you to become who God "planted" you to be. You will know from the beginning of this book that the author is connected with God. Wow....Breathtaking. Whether you are a believer or not you will be different when you are done reading this book. Dr. HLB
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