Why Everyone is Shouting and No One is Talking
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'The powerful new voice of her generation' The Times 'Funny, nuanced and wonderful' Jon Ronson 'A book that had me hollering, nodding and questioning at the same time' Candice Carty-Williams, author of Queenie ------- A candid exploration of the state of outrage in our culture, and how we can channel it back into the fights that matter, from presenter and DJ Ashley 'Dotty' Charles. In this wise and very funny journey into the outrage industry, Ashley 'Dotty' Charles explores how by shouting about everything, we have lost sight of the fights that actually matter - and created a world where our outrage feels with consequence. Here's how we can get it back on track. ------- 'Funny, educational, enlightening . . . Way ahead of its time' Chris Evans 'A smart and timely manifesto for surviving the age of rage' i 'Everyone with a social media account should read this book' Bella Mackie 'A swipe at the empty rhetoric of activism' Observer
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Ashley 'Dotty' Charles
A great read . . . Charles is very funny, but the irreverent and chatty tone leads you to important ponderings . . . Outraged is a study of flash activism and why it doesn't last, and its message is rendered all the more relevant for it being published in the midst of a flash of activism that simply must * The Times * A swipe at the empty rhetoric of activism that only exists with a hashtag online * Observer * As Charles puts it, plenty of people are playing the "sport of outrage" but who is keeping score? . . . Makes many worthwhile points . . . If her plea for people to turn down the heat, except when it matters most, is heeded, then Charles will have given valuable service in helping to improve public discourse * Evening Standard * A radio host explores how reflexive outrage weakens the social discourse and, counterintuitively, makes it harder to effect real change regarding the issues that outrage us in the first place * New York Times Book Review * DJ and presenter Charles tackles cancel culture head on with this vigorous polemic * i, Summer Reads * A timely new release, Outraged reminds us how to keep some perspective in a social and political landscape where many cause offence without thought to the consequences * Radio Times * A refreshing rallying call for the return of real activism and a guide to living through the age of outrage. Sharply funny too * Psychologies * Cackled my way through this . . . A bold and hilarious exploration of how we use our energy online, and whether we're wasting our rage on the wrong things when we could use it collectively to make actual change. It definitely made me re-evaluate my online priorities -- Megan Jayne Crabbe * Stylist * Books about wokeness are typically written by a very specific type of conservative figure. Dotty rips up the rulebook in order to write a thought-provoking but never provocative book about the Outrage Era: how did we get here? Where have we gone wrong? And how can we find our way back? Deep dives into clicktivism, tribalism and 'the Choir Effect' of public shame jostle alongside interviews with controversial figures like Rachel Dolezal and arch provocateur Katie Hopkins, in order to create a witty, thoughtful and ever-so-thoughtful guide to getting our outrage back on track -- Pandora Sykes Outraged is a timely reminder to keep perspective. To question who we actually help when we rush to yell online. Dotty writes with humour and measure, always keen to explore rather than condemn. Everyone with a social media account should read this book -- Bella Mackie This superb polemic is a penetrating exploration of the sorry state of outrage in our culture. Through interviews with Rachel Dolezal, Katie Hopkins and others, Charles shows that by so quickly leaping on the outrage bandwagon, we are actually debasing the quality of our civil discourse . . . I underlined something on almost every page * Bookseller *

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