Overcoming Anxiety, Gaining Self-confidence and Finding Your Sense of Self (Healing Guide From Narcissism and Narcissistic Relationships)
Kevin Dennis (Verlag)
  • erschienen am 16. Mai 2020
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978-1-989920-47-3 (ISBN)
They feel overwhelmed by their sensitivities to emotions and feelings. They are known as empaths. They possess special abilities and unique features that make them capable of things not usually found in the average human. They can, with their abilities, tune into the physical, emotional, and mental states of another. This book serves as a guide to your better understanding of empaths and their strengths and uniqueness. It seeks to help you understand and realize the potential of the empath's abilities and how empaths can use their powers as a healing strategy.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...
A Day in the Life of an Empath-How Being an Empath FeelsThe Importance of Protecting Your Empath EnergyMeditation-The Magical Tool That Helps You Protect Your Energy and Overcome Your FearsBasic Mindfulness Based Breathing MeditationVisualization Meditation to Clear, Protect, and Grow Your EnergyMeditate on Your Thoughts to Know Who You Are and Want in LifeUsing Meditation to Clear Away Energy Blockages in Your BodyAnd much more!

Are you highly intuitive and want to learn how to sharpen your skills... or do you feel as though you aren't using your natural abilities? Are you buried under limiting beliefs at work or home? Do you feel stagnant, stuck in a rut, and surrounded by emotional vampires?

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