Proceedings of the 14th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics

Centre for the Study of Language & Information (Verlag)
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This volume presents a comprehensive representation of the papers delivered at the fourteenth West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics held at the University of Southern California. Topics range from child language to the transitivity of verbs, determiners and context sets. The languages covered range from Cree to Hindi to German.
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978-1-57586-043-5 (9781575860435)
1. The transitivity of verbs of saying revisited; 2. The licensing of adjectival modification; 3. Questions in discourse; 4. Constraint domains in Kashaya; 5. Is it [only Rock'n Roll], or just like it?; 6. Economy and the scope of amount phrases; 7. Constraint violability in Western Apache; 8. Restraining functional projections: auxiliaries and participles; 9. The syntax and interpretation of dropped categories in child language: a unified account; 10. Conditions on the event-related reading; 11. Determiners, context sets, and focus; 12. Integral predication; 13. To have and have not: on the deconstruction approach; 14. A solution to the subcomparative paradox; 15. Place assimilation as the result of conflicting perceptual and articulatory constraints; 16. On the left periphery of german subordinate clauses; 17. Strict cyclicity, linear ordering, and derivational C-command; 18. Predication in {\it Tough}-constructions; 19. Parasitic gaps, multiple questions, and VP ellipsis; 20. The parametric variation of French and English negation; 21. The syntax and semantics of indefinite+{\it Bhii} phrases in Hindi; 22. Focus relations and weak islands; 23. NP-internal modifiers and temporal upper limit effects; 24. Theme extraction in Bantu applicatives; 25. PP-complements in Dutch; 26. Correspondence and identity constraints in two-level optimality theory; 27. Consequences of a predication-based analysis of semantic partition; 28. Hierarchical structure in a non-configurational language: asymmetries in Swampy Cree; 29. Evidence for case-related functional projections in Early German; 30. Scope interpretation without rigidity condition; 31. A constraint-based theory of reduplication patterns; 32. Predication and functional heads; 33. VP-Internal object shift; 34. Agreement and extraction out of DPs; 35. On the mismatch between variable binding and sloppy identity; 36. Empty prepositions and UG; 37. Levels of representation and negative polarity item licensing.

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