Dictionary of Production Engineering I / Wörterbuch der Fertigungstechnik I / Dizionario di Ingegneria della Produzione I

Metal Forming / Umformtechnik / Formatura dei Metalli
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This part of a trilingual edition of the CIRP Dictionary of Production Engineering was compiled under the auspices of the International Institution of Production Engineering Research (CIRP) headquartered in Paris.
Volume I contains about 2650 terms for metal forming. They include: General terms of metal forming; Hot and die forging; Cold and warm forging and sheet metal working.
Precise definitions are provided for nearly all terms, illustrations are included where needed. In addition, reference is made to national and international standards. Alphabetical indices for each of the three languages provide easy access to the terms.
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CIRP - The International Academy for Production Engineering - is the world leading organization in production engineering research and is at the forefront of design, optimization, control and management of processes, machines and systems.The Academy has restricted membership based on demonstrated excellence in research and has some 600 academic and industrial members from 50 industrialized countries. The Vision of CIRP is to promote research and development among its members from Academia and Industry to contribute to the global economic growth and well being of society The Mission of CIRP is to develop the highest level international network of eminent Researchers and Industrialists for the purpose of marshalling their knowledge and insights. CIRP was founded in 1951 with the aim to address scientifically, through international co-operation, issues related to modern production science and technology. The International Academy for Production Engineering takes its abbreviated name from the French acronym of College International pour la Recherche en Productique (CIRP).
General terms of metal forming/Grundbegriffe der Metallbearbeitung/Nozioni fondamentali dalla formatura dei metalli.- Rolling process/Walzenverfahren/Processo di laminazione.- Drawing/Durchziehen (Ziehen)/Trafilatura.- Extrusion/Strangpressen/Estrusione.- Hot Forging and Die Forging/Warmschmieden und Gesenkschmieden/Forgiatura a caldo e forgiature in stampi.- Cold and Warm Forging/Kalt- und Halbwarmumformung/Forgiatura a freddo e a tiepido.- Bending/Biegen/Piegatura.- Deep Drawing/Tiefziehen und Streckenziehen/Imbutitura profonda.- Incremental Forming/Inkrementelle Umformung/Formatura incrementale.- Forming with working media/Formen mit Wirkmedien/Formatura mediante l'azione di mezzo attivo.- Forming with Magnetic Fields/Umformung mittels Magnetfeldern/Formatura mediante campi magnetici.- Cutting by Forming/Trennen durch Umformen/Taglio mediante formatura.- Joining by Forming/Fügen durch Umformen/Collegamento mediante formatura.
General terms of metal forming

Grundbegriffe der Metallbearbeitung

Nozioni fondamentali dalla formatura dei metalli

Rolling process


Processo di laminazione


Durchziehen (Ziehen)





Hot Forging and Die Forging

Warmschmieden und Gesenkschmieden

Forgiatura a caldo e forgiatura in stampi

Cold and Warm Forging

Kalt- und Halbwarmumformung

Forgiatura a freddo e a tiepido




Deep Drawing

Tiefziehen und Streckenziehen

Imbutitura profonda

Incremental Forming

Inkrementelle Umformung

Formatura incrementale

Forming with working media

Formen mit Wirkmedien

Formatura mediante l'azione di mezzo attivo

Forming with Magnetic Fields

Umformung mittels Magnetfeldern

Formatura mediante campi magnetici

Cutting by Forming

Trennen durch Umformen

Taglio mediante formatura

Joining by Forming

Fügen durch Umformen

Collegamento mediante formatura

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