Law 3.0

Rules, Regulation and Technology
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Putting technology front and centre in our thinking about law, this book introduces Law 3.0: the future of the legal landscape.

Technology not only disrupts the traditional idea of what it is 'to think like a lawyer' - as per Law 1.0 - and presents major challenges to regulators - reasoning in a Law 2.0 mode. As this book demonstrates, the latest developments in technology offer regulators the possibility of employing a technical fix rather than just relying on rules - introducing Law 3.0). Law 3.0 represents, so to speak, the state we are in and the conversation that we now need to have; and this book identifies some of the key points for discussion in that conversation. Thinking like a lawyer might continue to be associated with Law 1.0 but, from 2020, Law 3.0 is the conversation that we all need to join. And as this book demonstrates, law and the evolution of legal reasoning cannot be adequately understood unless we grasp how significant technology is in shaping both legal doctrine and our regulatory thinking.

This is a book for those studying, or about to study, law - as well as others with interests in the legal, political and social impact of technology.
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978-0-367-48863-5 (9780367488635)

Roger Brownsword is Professor in Law at King's College London and at Bournemouth University, Honorary Professor at Sheffield University, and Visiting Professor at City University Hong Kong.
1. Introduction to Law 3.0 2. Bookworld: A Short Story about Disruption Part One: The Technological Disruption of Law 3. Law 1.0: Easy Cases, Difficult Cases, and Hard Cases 4. Law 1.0 Disrupted 5. Law 2.0 and Technology as a Problem 6. Law 2.0 Disrupted: Technology as a Solution 7. Law 3.0: Coherentist, Regulatory-Instrumentalist, and Technocratic Conversations 8. Tech Test Case I: Liability for Robot Supervisors 9. Tech Test Case II: Smart Shops, Code Law and Contract Law 10. Easterbrook and the Law of the Horse Part Two: Law Re-imagined 11. Law as One Element in the Regulatory Environment 12. Mapping the Regulatory Environment 13. The Complexion of the Regulatory Environment 14. Law 3.0 and Liberty: The Pianos at St Pancras Part Three: Living with Law 3.0 15. The Benchmarks of Legitimacy: the Range of Regulatory Responsibilities 16. Uncertainty, Precaution, Stewardship 17. Re-inventing the Rule of Law 18. High Tech Policing and Crime Control 19. The Renewal of Coherentism 20. Re-designing the Institutional Framework I: National Institutions 21. Re-designing the Institutional Framework II: International Institutions Part Four: Learning the Law 22. Re-thinking Legal Education 23. Any Questions? 24. Concluding Remarks: Looking Back, Looking Forward

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