European Integration Beyond Brussels

Unity in East and West Europe Since 1945
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Europe is a continent whose history has, in one form or another, long been dominated by integration. And yet the European integration process is often treated as synonymous with the evolution of just one particular, and until recently geographically quite limited, Western-centred organisation: the European Union (EU). This trend obscures the multitude of ways European states have acted collectively on both sides of the Iron Curtain - and continue to do so throughout the continent today. With contributors drawn from history and political science, this book explores some of these diverse integration efforts 'beyond Brussels'. We shine a light on international organisations, trade frameworks, and various political, social, scientific and cultural forms of unity in both Eastern and Western Europe. In so doing, the book seeks to redefine the history of the European integration process not only as a less purely EU-centric phenomenon but as a less strictly Western European one too.
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Matthew Broad is a Lecturer in International Relations at the Institute for History, Leiden University, The Netherlands.
Suvi Kansikas is Docent and Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Helsinki, Finland.
1 Recasting the History and Politics of European Integration 'Beyond Brussels' - Matthew Broad and Suvi Kansikas
Part I: Pan-European Ideas, Structures and Interactions2 'Integration, Nobody Knows What It Means': European Cooperation and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), 1946-56 - Daniel Stinsky3 Inventing a 'European Space of Discussion': The UEFA-EBU Relationship, c.1950s-1970s - Philippe Vonnard4 Mediating in the Cold War: How the Socialist Group of MEPs became a Driver of Brussels-Moscow Rapprochement - Alexandra Athanasopoulou Köpping5 Environmental Security for the Promotion of Pan-European Integration: The OSCE as a Europeanising Actor in the Balkans - Emma Hakala
Part II: Imagining, Negotiating and Building Regional Integration6 Not Giving Up Sovereignty: The British Labour Party's Alternative Vision of European Cooperation, 1933-1951 - Ettore Costa7 Less Than Membership but More Than Association: Establishing the European Economic Area (EEA), 1989-1993- Juhana Aunesluoma8 Regional Integration in the Eastern Bloc: Energy Cooperation between CMEA Countries, c.1950s-80s - Falk Flade9 Industrial Policy and Technological Cooperation in the EAEU: The Case of Eurasian Technology Platforms - Anna Lowry
Part III: European Integration At and Around the Subregional Level10 Uniting Europe From Afar: Exile Plans for a Central European Federation in the Early Cold War - Pauli Heikkilä11 Remain or Leave? Britain and the European Launcher Development Organisation (ELDO) in the Context of Brexit - John Krige12 Subregional Integration in East Central Europe: Strategies in the In-Between Sphere - Katalin Miklóssy 13 Subregional Groupings in Post-Communist Europe: More Than Just 'Cooperation'? - Martin Dangerfield
Part IV: Conclusions 14 European Integration: Past and Future, East and West, Brussels and Beyond - Anne Deighton

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