Lead Poisoning

Exposure, Abatement, Regulation
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Lead Poisoning discusses one of the most critical and preventable environmentally induced illnesses. The actual toll lead poisoning takes on society cannot be measured fully due to the "silent" nature of health effects, such as subtle intellectual deficits and neurological damage, caused by chronic low-level exposures. This book covers every major topic on the subject, including lead poisoning in children, sources of contamination, state-of-the-art sampling and analytical measurement methods, the newest studies on low-cost abatement methods, and much more. This reference is the most comprehensive presentation of issues currently available under one cover.
The text is divided into three major parts. Part I provides insights from studies assessing lead exposures from paint, dust, soil, and lead battery recycling operations. The second part is a unique collection of strategic federal policy statements from the U.S. EPA, HUD, and HEW-CDC. It details the National Implementation Plan as well as a local government's efforts to provide low-cost effective risk communication and public outreach to the community. The next part offers seven chapters on analytical issues in the measurement of lead in blood, paint, dust, and soils. Part IV, Sampling Methods and Statistical Issues, rounds out the technical portion of the volume. The relationships among lead levels in biological and environmental media are investigated and the interpretive problems discussed. The use of multi-element analysis of environmental samples as an approach to investigate sources is described.
The book finishes with its most unique feature-OPPT's Check Our Kids for Lead Program, one organization's effort to empower its employees to make a personal difference in confronting the problem of lead poisoning in children. The Program serves as a model for other government organizations (federal, state, and local), university and community organizations, and corporations to educate them and take personal and corporate responsibility for addressing this important and environmental health problem.
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Lead Exposure and Abatement
The Prevalence of Lead Paint in Housing: Findings from the National Survey, R.P. Clickner, V.A. Albright, and S. Weitz
Data Analysis of Lead in Soil (HUD Survey Data), S.F. Brown, B.D. Schultz, R.P. Clickner, and S. Weitz
National Survey of Lead Paint in Housing: Analysis of Error Sources, J.W. Rogers, R.P. Clickner, and M. Chen
The HUD Lead-Based Paint Abatement Demonstration in Public Housing, R.F. Eberle
Information Collected in the HUD Abatement Demonstration Program and Its Application in Planning a Follow-On Study, R.A. Lordo and M. Chen
Results from the Pilot Comprehensive Abatement Performance Study, B.E. Buxton, S.W. Rust, F. Todt, T. Collins, C. Boudreau, R. Hertz, P. Constant, G. Dewalt, J.G. Schwemberger, and B.S. Lim
Incidence of Severe Lead Poisoning in Children in Trinidad Resulting from Battery Recycling Operations, I. Chang-Yen, C. Emrit, and A. Hosein-Rahaman
Program and Policy Issues
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Broad Strategy to Address Lead Poisoning, J.S. Carra
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Lead Strategy and Lead-Based Paint Program, R.J. Morony and B.T. Cook
CDC's Perspective on Preventing Lead Poisoning in Young Children, S. Binder
National Implementation Plan for the Prevention of Childhood Lead Poisoning from Residential Exposure to Lead-Based Paint, B.T. Cook
A Pound of Prevention, An Ounce of Cure: Paradigm Shifts in Childhood Lead Poisoning Programs, K.W.J. Rochow
Coordinated National Strategy on Childhood Lead Poisoning: A National Action Plan, A.M. Guthrie and D. Ryan
Encapsulation of Lead-Based Paint, B.A. Leczynski, J.G. Schwemberger, and R.J. Cramer
Successful Low-Cost Risk Communication and Public Education Programs, D.L. McAllister
Chemical Measurement Methods
Phosphate Addition to the Delves Cup Method, F. Ruszala, D. Worsley, and J. Hogan
New Developments in Lead Paint Film Analysis with Field Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer, S. Piorek, J. Pasmore, B.D. Lass, J. Koskinen, and H. Sipila
The Analysis of Lead-Based Paint Layers: A Qualitative Comparison of Methods, R.J. Narconis, V. Divljakovic, S.L. Barnes, and A.M. Krebs
Characterization and Identification of Lead-Rich Particles: A First Step in Source Apportionment, G.S. Casuccio, M.L. Demyanek, G.R. Dunmyre, B.C. Henderson, and I.M. Stewart
Development of a Field-Test Method for the Determination of Lead in Paint, and Paint-Contaminated Dust and Soil, P.M. Grohse, K.K. Luk, L.L. Hodson, B.M. Wilson, W.F. Gutknecht, S.L. Harper, M.E. Beard, B.S. Lim, and J.J. Breen
Preparation and Evaluation of Lead-Containing Paint and Dust Method Evaluation Materials, E.E. Williams, D.A. Binstock, E.D. Estes, J.D. Neefus, L.E. Myers, W.F. Gutknecht, B.S. Lim, J.J. Breen, S.L. Harper, and M.E. Beard
NIST-SRM 2759 Lead Paint Films for Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzers, P.A. Pella, M. McKnight, K.E. Murphy, R.D. Vocke, E. Byrd, J.S. Kane, E.S. Lagergren, and S.B. Schiller
Sampling Methods and Statistical Issues
Vacuum Sampling of Settled Dust for Lead Analysis, B.S. Lim, J.G. Schwemberger, P. Constant, and K. Bauer
Analysis of Factors Contributing to Lead in Household Dust: Accounting for Measurement Error, B. Price and E.C. Baird III
Multi-Element Analysis of Lead-Based Paint Abatement Data, J.G. Kinateder, S.W. Rust, and J.G. Schwemberger
Determination of Environmental Lead Using Compositing of House Dust Samples, M.R. Farfel and C.A. Rohde
Sampling Methodology and Decision Strategy for Testing for Lead-Based Paint in Public Housing, D.C. Cox and J.G. Schwemberger
Efficient Methods of Testing Lead-Based Paint in Single-Family Homes, A. Greenland, D.C. Cox, J.G. Schwemberger, and C. Foster
Relationships Among Lead Levels in Blood, Dust, and Soil, D. Burgoon, S.W. Rust, and K. Hogan
Application of a Novel Slurry Furnace AAS Protocol for Rapid Assessment of Lead Environmental Contamination, M.S. Epstein, S.M. Smith, and J.J. Breen
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