Desperate to Survive

Book Two of the Survival Trilogy
F. D. Brant (Verlag)
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  • erschienen am 21. April 2017
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978-1-946179-09-8 (ISBN)
K'jor looked upon the mighty army that he alone commanded. In a sense if he is filled with pride he has the right. He is the first to create this great alliance; he is the first to discover the hidden lairs of sorcerers and magicians hidden deep inside of the desolation. And he and this army have been successful in rooting out and destroying many of these hidden lairs. Yet, all is not well. Yes they've increased their herds, their slaves, and their wealth, but the expected results have not arrived. It is this reason he believes there are still other lairs hidden deep inside the desolation. And until they are destroyed he, as well as the clans and tribes, will not see those expected results come to fruition. So the hunt continues . . . Hidden deep in the Sacred Mountains Saige stares out from the meeting room of the Alpha knowing that if they do not come up with a solution to these attacks that they, as a people, will no longer exist. However it happened, the primitives learned of their existence and have been seeking out their hidden cities and destroying them one-by-one. Now he and nine others - the remnant of a scout team - have been tasked with ending this undeclared war. Yes, only ten to turn the tide of death and destruction. Only ten who are to rescue the victims from the fallen cities. Only ten who must locate the valley where the primitives gather to prepare their campaigns. And only ten who must bring peace to this world. How can ten defeat the combined might of the primitive alliance? This is the question they are facing; knowing if they fail it is over. And that failure will lead to the survivors being forced into the herds and slavery, leading them to pain, suffering, misery, and death. And thusly the stage is set, leaving them desperate to solve these life-threatening issues . . . leaving them desperate to survive.
novel updated and revised
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Illustrations, black and white
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978-1-946179-09-8 (9781946179098)
F.D. Brant always wanted to write, but life got in the way. Finally after retiring he got his chance. Storytelling and writing has always been F.D. Brant's passion, but responsibilities took preference. And because of those responsibilities it took retiring to allow those passions to come to fruition. Since retiring he has written 9 books, and maintains a weekly eclectic blog, Words in the Wind. Growing up in the backcountry he learned the appreciation of "doing things for yourself". Because it was impossible to call in someone to repair anything one either did it themselves or went without. This led to the appreciation of the natural world, and the daily struggles that one faced as nature threw problems at the family that had to be overcome, leading to confidence and self-sufficiency. This led to the strong characters that populate his stories and books. And his female protagonists are strong willed and confident - something that he saw in both in his mother and sister.

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