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The Ultimate Politics and History Quiz

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In the dark days of Covid time, confined to quarters in lockdown, the authors, William Scally and Tim Bourke retained their sanity by engaging in what proved to be an all-engrossing contest: devising a complex and broad-reaching series of questions that would brighten the pandemic days. The result was a slim volume that made a fine debut title. Later, during 2022, Bourke and Scally reviewed and fully revised the first edition, eliminating certain material and introducing some 230 brand new questions and solutions. This culminated in the book you hold in your hand - a second edition boasting a generous make-over, with a broad range of updated puzzles for the discerning reader. The Ultimate Politics and History Quiz contains five hundred thought-provoking queries, together with their exceptionally diverse solutions. The questions traverse the world of Irish and international politics and history, and while some of them are relatively straightforward, many pose quite the conundrum. The brain that likes a challenge will relish this book. Tim Bourke and William Scally have both worked in various areas of industry, education and politics.
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Tim Bourke worked as a senior executive in the agri-food sector and as a consultant in various areas of industry, together with educational and social research projects. He has also had a long term involvement in politics at academic, policy and grass roots level. An elite thinker, he passes much time observing and commenting on the machinations of humanity down the ages and across the continents. He enjoys nothing more than engaging with the great unknowns of the day. He delights in posing the abstruse question that requires an acrobatic mental agility to lead to the solution.