Over the Edge: How the Pursuit of Youth by Marketers and the Media Has Changed American Culture

How the Pursuit of Youth by Marketers and the Media Has Changed American Culture
Ivan R Dee, Inc (Verlag)
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For decades young people in the 18-to-34 age group have been the darlings of advertisers and marketers who yearn for greater sales and the elusive "buzz" of publicity. As a consequence of this focus, Bogart argues, media content itself has changed. Sex and violence have become endemic in movies and TV because they attract young audiences. This momentous shift has come about despite a flawed marketing premise the idea that young audiences are the most valuable consumers does not jibe with the evidence. Drawing on long experience as a scholar and practitioner, and using extensive research and exclusive interviews with media producers, Bogart traces the connection between commercial interests and standards of propriety in movies and television. "This provocative book contains an implicit challenge to America's big media which they will ignore at their peril, as they probably will." Reuven Frank, former president NBC News.
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Leo Bogart wass one of America's most distinguished authorities in public opinion, media, and marketing research. His other books include Finding Out, Strategy in Advertising, The Age of Television, Preserving the Press, and Commercial Culture. He and George Gallup were the first people elected to the Market Research Council's Hall of Fame.
In this clear, insightful and lively account, Leo Bogart shows that the age of mistaken media focus on youth has led to an age of sleaze, disserving the public interest. -- Henry Geller, former General Counsel, FCC This provocative book contains an implicit challenge to America's big media which they will ignore at their peril, as they probably will. -- Reuven Frank, former president NBC News In Over the Edge, Leo Bogart applies his decades of unsurpassed media research expertise to the continuing question of TV's effects on the audience.... His answer is not pretty but needs to be read and discussed! -- Herbert J. Gans, Robert S. Lynd Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Columbia University; author of Making Sense of America Leo Bogart is uniquely qualified to have written Over the Edge: he is our most respected scholar of commercial culture and has had an outstanding parallel career as a media analyst and communications research executive.... Bogart's careful discussion of this problem, based on extensive interviews and research, is a must-read for media practitioners and important for anyone interested in the relationship between media and the larger society. -- Charles Winick, author, <I>Taste and the Censor on Television<I>, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, CUNY Graduate School A wise, thorough, and dismaying account of television's dangerous and, ironically, mistaken efforts to corrupt its own content in order to expand its appeal to kids and young people. -- Lawrence K. Grossman, former president of NBC News and PBS In Over the Edge Leo Bogart clearly shows how, over time, several interacting factors combined to produce America's vast media wasteland.... Bogart offers some wise but difficult suggestions for positive change. -- Lloyd Morrisett Our culture and our values have been deeply affected by this phenomenon. Nobody understands this better than Leo Bogart who analyzes its impact with uncommon depth and insight. -- Newton N. Minow ...Over the Edge provides one of the best narratives in a generation of how the media actually work and reflect the interests of the audience. -- Jeffrey Cole, Director, Center for the Digital Future at USC Annenberg School Bogart describes in rich, painful detail how for decades the mass media, especially TV, have been caught up in vast efforts to melt people's brains. -- Barry Sussman, Editor, Watchdog Project of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University Leo Bogart, the grand master of media and marketing has done it again! ... The book is at once a lucid critique of some quite disturbing trends and a pragmatic assessment of what can be done about it. -- Everette E. Dennis, Distinguished Felix E. Larkin Professor, Fordham Graduate School of Business, New York City Bogart's Over the Edge takes the culture industry to task. -- Juliet B. Schor * The Instrumentalist * Very interesting. -- Catherine Hakim * Times Literary Supplement * A valuable addition to your shelf. -- Ed Hannibal * East Hampton Star * [Over the Edge] reveals a concurrent shift in social acceptance and moral values. * Bookwatch * Bogart makes a compelling case.... Over the Edge is a sound analysis of the cultural changes marketing has wrought. -- Kelly Jane Torrance * The Weekly Standard * Bogart's whole book is an extended potpourri of research evidence, theories, academic studies, facts about the media and popular-entertainment industries. * Times Literary Supplement *

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