The What, the So What, and the Now What of Social Justice Education

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The What, the So What, and the Now What of Social Justice Education uses a three-tier format to present a foundational guide for the implementation of social justice education. The book also outlines some best theoretical practices that can be developed to work toward more equitable communities.

The What, the So What, and the Now What of Social Justice Education begins with the What of social justice education by defining primary and secondary terminology and introducing an overarching conceptual framework within this field of inquiry. The So What of social justice education highlights the importance of studying this field of inquiry and promotes why one should strive to reduce social inequities and make our world more socially just. The Now What of social justice education provides some best theoretical practices that can be used and adapted by individuals, institutions, and larger societies to work toward short- and long-term solutions in working toward a more equitable and less oppressive world. Each tier introduces influential researchers, theorists, and practitioners who have significantly advanced our understanding of issues connected to social justice education pedagogy and practice.

The What, the So What, and the Now What of Social Justice Education is suitable for both graduate and undergraduate courses in education. The book can also function as a primary academic and training source for educators and educational staff, as well as a reference for academic researchers in several disciplines and as a resource for community organizing and activism.
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Warren J. Blumenfeld is former Associate Professor in the School of Education at Iowa State University and current Lecturer in the College of Education at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is the author of Warren's Words: Smart Commentary on Social Justice, editor of Homophobia: How We All Pay the Price, co-editor of Readings for Diversity and Social Justice and Investigating Christian Privilege and Religious Oppression in the United States, and co-author of Looking at Gay and Lesbian Life.

Figures and Tables - Acknowledgments - Part I: Terminology - Introduction to Social Justice -Culture and Identity - Social Construction of Identities and Other Forms of "Difference" - Socialization - Binaries - Oppression - What Causes Prejudice and Discrimination? - Elements, Characteristics, and "Faces" of Oppression - The Many Spokes on the Wheel of Oppression - Backlash - The Social Production of "Knowledge(s)" - Part II: Social Justice Education - Connections between Social Justice Education and Multicultural Education - Dimensions and Characteristics of Multicultural Education - Part III: Liberatory Praxis - Liberation - #NeverAgain Youth-Led Firearms Safety Movement: A Study in Activism- Visioning Social Justice and Liberation - Part IV: Liberatory Praxis Appendices - Appendix A: Multiple Identities Essay - Appendix B: Critical Consciousness: Reflecting, Thinking, Observing, Reading, Researching, and Writing Through a Critical Lens - Appendix C: Meritocracy Activities - Appendix D: Raising Issues of Religious Pluralism in Schools - Appendix E: Making Universities Welcoming for Students, Staff, Faculty, and Administrators of All Sexual Identities and Gender Identities and Expressions - Appendix F: Immigration as Official U.S. "Racial" Policy: A Brief History - Appendix G: Religious Imperialism: A Case in Point - Appendix H: Investigating Gender Roles Classroom Exercise - Appendix I: A Civics Course on the Second Amendment - Bibliography - Index.

"Dr. Blumenfeld's new book is borne of his passion for social justice and multicultural understanding of today's society. Blumenfeld brings the topic into the realm of the familiar by sharing his own personal journey. It almost feels as if the reader is sitting with Dr. Blumenfeld, a friend, and yet this is a powerful educational text. Blumenfeld uses a unique presentation method and grounding of information through the concept of What, So What, and Now What in each section as he investigates and addresses complex and multidimensional questions. This process offers a consistency in Dr. Blumenfeld's presentation. The book is an excellent teaching tool for every level of social justice education from high school to doctoral work."
Ronni Sanlo, Director of and Professor in UCLA Master of Education in Student Affairs Program and Director Emerita, UCLA Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Center "I learned so much from "The What, the So What, and the Now What of Social Justice Education", and so can you! Read this book as soon as possible! It is powerful, informationally rich, and an important resource that you need to have!"
Nicholas D. Hartlep, Associate Professor of Urban Education and Graduate Program Coordinator, Metropolitan State University, School of Urban Education
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