Economic Approaches to Legal Reasoning and Interpretation

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This insightful single-volume compilation brings together the most important contemporary work by experts in the economic analysis of legal reasoning and interpretation. The collection explores a wide range of topics in the field, from constitutional to statutory interpretation, precedent and the interpretation of contracts. The articles raise key questions concerning the optimal construction of institutions, the best approach to judicial decision-making, and the best strategies for statutory and contract drafting. Prefaced by an original introduction by the editor, this collection will be valuable to academics interested in legal reasoning, economic analysis and legal philosophy.
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978-1-78811-163-8 (9781788111638)
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Edited by Brian H. Bix, Frederick W. Thomas Professor of Law and Philosophy, University of Minnesota Law School, US

Introduction Brian H. Bix

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`Bix compiles a classic collection of the best writing in the area, with an eye towards pieces that are both sophisticated and accessible to a general audience. The section on contract interpretation provides a perfect selection of articles to introduce the subject and enables the reader to understand the more specialized and nuanced work in the area' -- Lisa Bernstein, University of Chicago Law School, US

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