Cybersecurity Regulations in the BRICS Countries
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This book stems from the CyberBRICS project, which is the first major attempt to produce a comparative analysis of Internet regulations in the BRICS countries - namely, Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The project has three main objectives: 1) to map existing regulations; 2) to identify best practices; and 3) to develop policy recommendations in the various areas that compose cybersecurity governance, with a particular focus on the strategies adopted by the BRICS countries to date. Each study covers five essential dimensions of cybersecurity: data protection, consumer protection, cybercrime, the preservation of public order, and cyberdefense. The BRICS countries were selected not only for their size and growing economic and geopolitical relevance but also because, over the next decade, projected Internet growth is expected to occur predominantly in these countries. Consequently, the technology, policy and governance arrangements defined by the BRICS countries are likely to impact not only the 3.2 billion people living in them, but also the individuals and businesses that choose to utilize increasingly popular applications and services developed in BRICS countries according to BRICS standards. Researchers, regulators, start-up innovators and other Internet stakeholders will find this book a valuable guide to the inner workings of key cyber policies in this rapidly growing region.
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Luca Belli, PhD is a Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation at Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) Law School, Brazil, where he heads the CyberBRICS project, and an associated researcher at the Centre de Droit Public Comparé of Paris 2 University, France. Before joining FGV, Luca worked as an agent for the Council of Europe Internet Governance Unit and served as a Network Neutrality Expert for the Council of Europe. Over the past decade, Luca has authored and edited more than 30 publications in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, including the "Net Neutrality Compendium" (Springer, 2016). His works have been published or quoted by various media outlets, including The Economist, Le Monde, BBC, The Hill, China Today, O Globo, El Pais, and La Stampa.
Foreword: Building Universally Accepted Norms, Standards and Practices.- Foreword: Cybersecurity to Achieve the Goals of the 4th Industrial Revolution in the BRICS.- Belli, L.: CyberBRICS: A Multidimensional Approach to Cybersecurity for the BRICS.- Opperman, D.: Dimensions of Cybersecurity in Brazil.- Shcherbovich, A.A.: Data Protection and Cybersecurity Legislation of the Russian Federation in the Context of the "Sovereignization" of the Internet in Russia.- Kovacs, A.: Cybersecurity and Data Protection Regulation in India: an Uneven Patchwork.- Jiang, M.: Cybersecurity Policies in China.- Mabunda, S.: Cybersecurity in South Africa: Towards Best Practices.- Belli, L.: BRICS Countries to Build Digital Sovereignty.
This book stems from the CyberBRICS project, which is the first initiative to develop a comparative analysis of the digital policies of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) countries. BRICS have been chosen as a focus not only because their digital policies are affecting more than 40% of the global population - i.e. roughly 3.2 billion individuals living in such countries - but also all the individuals and businesses willing to use technologies developed in the BRICS or trading digital goods and services with these countries. Given the complexity of digital policies in general and cybersecurity in particular - not to mention the specificities of BRICS countries - this work aims at laying the foundation on which further research on cybersecurity and digital policy in the BRICS can and will be developed.
Further analyses on BRICS digital policies are available at
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