The Ultimate Dinosaur Encyclopedia

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The Ultimate Dinosaur Encyclopedia is a major new children's learning resource, with 160 pages of fascinating information and images of prehistory's mightiest beasts.

Using original CGI models and stunning paleoart, the whole world of dinosaurs has been recreated. Thanks to groundbreaking recent research, some of these dinosaurs have never been seen on the page before. Going beyond the page, many of the dinosaurs have been enhanced with Augmented Reality. View the page through the free app and you'll see dinosaurs spring to life, complete with interactive notes - and you can even view them as terrifying life-size models. Dynamic videos play on the page when viewed through the app, allowing readers to see dinosaurs move within a book for the first time.
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978-1-78312-516-6 (9781783125166)

Chris Barker is a palaeontologist, holding a BSc and MRes in Palaeobiology and Vertebrate Palaeontology. He has contributed to several children's dinosaur reference books across multiple publishers.
Early Life: First Tetrapods; Stethacancthus; Eurypterids.
First Vertebrates.
Triassic: Gorgonopsia; Dimetrodon; Lystrosaurus; Hylonomus; Prionosuchus; Timeline; Eoraptor; Plateosaurus; Herrerasaurus; What is a dinosaur?; Rise of the Dinosaurs; Pseudosuchians; Desmatosuchus; Postosuchus; Other Triassic Reptiles; Tanystropheus; Euparkeria; Marine Reptiles; Guanlong; Tianyulong; Scelidosaurus; Leedsichthys; Kulindadromeus; Dilophosaurus.
Jurassic: Marine Crocodylomorphs; Ichthyosaurs; Plesiosaurs; Ammonites; Diplodocus; Ceratosaurus; Stegosaurus; Pterosaurs; Allosaurus.
Cretaceous: Iguanodon; Archaeopteryx; Sarchosuchus; Amargasaurus; Spinosaurus; Carcharadontosaurus; Protoceratops; Borealopelta; Argentinosaurus; Pteranodon; Citipati; Parasaurolophus; Carnotaurus; Majungasaurus; Edmontosaurus; Pachycephalosaurus; Therizinosaurus; Ankylosaurus; Mosasaurs; Dakotaraptor; Triceratops; Quetzalcoatlus; Tyrannosaurus.
After the dinosaurs/Cenozoic: Titanoboa; Phorusrhaocos; Basilosaurus; Megalodon; Elasmotherium; Smilodon.

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