World Strategic Highways

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"World Strategic Highways" provides a detailed examination of approximately 50 of the most important "strategic highways" in the world. These highways may take the form of roads, railways, rivers and canals, or air and sea routes. They have one thing in common: they are of special significance because, throughout history, they have acted as major trade routes for a number of countries; have military or strategic significance; act to bind a country or countries together; or, in the case of rivers, act as boundaries between two or more countries. They include the Suez and Panama canals, the Rhine and Amazon rivers, the Trans-US Railway, the Khyber Pass and Maputo Corridor, the Silk Road, the Cape sea route and the Pacific sea route. Location maps are provided throughout the book.
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Contents List of illustrations Note on sources Introduction Part I The Americas 1. Alaska 2. Canada: transcontinental highways 3. The St Lawrence Seaway 4. The Mississippi-Missouri 5. The Rio Grande 6. The Panama Canal 7. The Amazon 8. The Parana Part II Europe 9. The English Channel and the North Sea 10. The Channel Tunnel 11. The Rhine 12. The Danube 13. The Mediterranean 14. The Dardanelles and the Black Sea Part III Africa 15. The Nile 16. The Niger River 17. Ethiopia: no exit 18. The Congo River 19. The Zambezi 20. The TANZAM Railway 21. Mozambique: controller of strategic highways 22. The Beira Corridor 23. The Maputo Corridor and the Trans-Kalahari Highway 24. The Benguela Railway 25. The BOTZAM Road 26. The South African network Part IV The Middle East 27. The Suez Canal 28. The River Jordan 29. The Tigris-Euphrates river system 30. The Gulf Part V Russia/Europe/Asia 31. The Volga 32. The Trans-Siberian Railway 33. Russia: three giant rivers, a future resource Part VI South Asia 34. The Khyber Pass 35. The Indus 36. The Ganges-Brahmaputra Part VII South-east Asia 37. The Mekong 38. Singapore: strategic city-state Part VIII China 39. The Yangtze (Chang Jiang) 40. The Yellow River (Huang He) 41. The Silk Road 42. The Great Wall of China Part IX The world 43. Landlocked countries 44. The international airways system 45. The international drugs trade Index Illustrations Figures 3.1 Cross-section of the St Lawrence Seaway 10.1 The Eurotunnel system Maps 1.1 The Alaska Highway 1.2 The Alaska Pipeline 2.1 The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and the Trans-Canada Highway 2.2 The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), 1994 3.1 The St Lawrence Seaway 4.1 The Mississippi-Missouri Basin 5.1 The Rio Grande 6.1 The Panama Canal divide 6.2 The Panama Canal 7.1 The Amazon 8.1 The Parana 9.1 The English Channel and the North Sea 9.2 The Channel 10.1 Transport systems on both sides of the Channel 11.1 The Rhine 12.1 The Danube 13.1 The Mediterranean 14.1 The Dardanelles 14.2 The Dardanelles and the Black Sea 15.1 The Nile Basin 15.2 Control of the Nile waters 16.1 The Niger's course through West Africa 16.2 The Niger in Nigeria 17.1 Ethiopia: a country in search of secure highways 18.1 The Congo River and rail system 19.1 The Zambezi River 19.2 The frontline Zambezi 20.1 Southern Africa in 1975 20.2 Tanzania-Zambia line of rail 21.1 Mozambique's strategic importance 22.1 The Beira Corridor in southern Africa 22.2 The Beira Corridor 23.1 The Trans-Kalahari-Maputo Road 23.2 The Maputo Corridor 24.1 The Benguela Railway in 1975 25.1 The BOTZAM Road 26.1 The South African network 27.1 The Suez Canal 27.2 The Suez Canal and the surrounding countries 28.1 The River Jordan 29.1 The Tigris-Euphrates system 30.1 The direction of Gulf oil exports 30.2 Oilfields and pipelines 31.1 The Volga system 31.2 The Don Canal 32.1 The Trans-Siberian Railway 32.2 The Chinese Eastern Railway 33.1 Russia's three Siberian rivers 34.1 The Khyber Pass 35.1 The Indus 35.2 The Karakoram Highway 36.1 The Ganges-Brahmaputra Basin 37.1 The Mekong 37.2 Cambodia and the Sap Lake 38.1 Singapore 39.1 The Yangtze 39.2 The Three Gorges Dam project 40.1 The Yellow River 41.1 The Silk Road 42.1 The Great Wall of China 43.1 The world's landlocked countries 44.1 The United States' top 24 airports 44.2 The world's leading airports 45.1 Drugs: the main source countries 45.2 The Eastern Caribbean 45.3 Contraband trade routes 45.4 Morocco: cannabis to Europe Tables 2.1 NAFTA GDPs in 1998 3.1 Cargo tonnage handled by the St Lawrence Seaway in 1997 and 1998 6.1 The Panama Canal: transit statistics, 1983-97 27.1 Distances via the Cape sea route and the Suez Canal 30.1 Gulf oil reserves (percentage of world reserves) at December 1998 38.1 Total cargo in the Port of Singapore, 1997-99 38.2 Total container throughput in the Port of Singapore, 1997-99 39.1 The Three Gorges Dam: vital statistics 43.1 Muslim populations of five former Soviet Republics 43.2 The per capita GNP of the world's landlocked countries 44.1 Worldwide passenger and airfreight movements during 1998 44.2 Leading US and world airports
'The writing is fluid and illuminating. Guy Arnold and his publishers have produced an interesting and timely book.' Reference Reviews

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