Sol-gel Derived Optical and Photonic Materials

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Sol-gel derived optical and photonic materials reviews the recent advances in the rapidly evolving field of optical and photonic materials, components and devices. Thin films and coatings, the most important category of sol-gel derived materials with optical, electronic, and magnetic functionalities are discussed in the book. Specifically, photoresist and dielectric layers, flat screen displays, anti-reflective coatings, conducting and magnetic disk coatings and photochromic, electrochromic and photovoltaic coatings are addressed.

Sol-gel derived optical and photonic materials are typically higher performing materials because they have molecular homogeneity and are easy to fabricate. Key materials such as materials for graded index optical components, solar control coatings, phosphors, glass ceramics, and layered photonic structures are addressed.

Sol-gel derived optical and photonic materials is suitable for those working in materials science, physics, engineering and chemistry disciplines in academia and R&D.
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978-0-12-818019-8 (9780128180198)

Dr. Martucci has 25 years of research activities in the field of glass, ceramics and nanocomposite films obtained by wet chemistry processing for photonic, optical and gas sensor applications. Alessandro Martucci is author of more than 230 international publications Luis Santos received the degree of Doctor of Engineering Science in Materials Science from Instituto Superior Tecnico in 1996. He is Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Instituto Superior Tecnico, University of Lisbon and a researcher in the Centre for Structural Chemistry (CQE)

In academia, he has developed and taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in materials science specializing in characterization of materials, glasses and ceramics. He has supervised 2 post-docs, 4 PhD students and 10 Master students.

He has published over 70 papers and 1 book chapter. He has been involved in more than 10 R&D projects, three of them as Principal Investigator.

Currently he is involved in the project "Photonic crystal-assisted frequency conversion phosphor layers for energy applications", where photonic crystals thin films are prepared and used to assist the up-conversion and down-conversion processes. This is expected to improve the conversion efficiency of solar cells. Dr. Rojas has more than 7 year's research experience, five of which are in the ceramic research field during their PhD (4 years) and as Post-Doctoral Researcher (1 year) in the Ceramics for Smart Systems group, at the Instituto de Ceramica y Vidrio, CSIC, Spain. Now, Dr. Rojas holds a position as Post-Doctoral Researcher (1 year and 8 months ago) in Glasses and Thin Films for Nanophotonics and Integrated Optics Group belonging to Depart. Eng. Quimica, CQE, at Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa as part of research team in the framework of COFRE project (Photonic crystal-assisted frequency conversion phosphor layers for energy applications) funded by FCT. In this latter position, Dr. Rojas has focused on sol-gel synthesis and optical characterization of down and up-conversion materials (amorphous and nanocrystalline) including bulk form as well as thin films.
1. Sol-gel derived anti-reflective coatings for high fluence lasers 2. Photocatalytic, self-cleaning coatings 3. 1-D multilayer photonic crystals 4. Design and Implementation of 2-D Photonic Crystals using Sol-Gel Materials 5. 3-D photonic crystals, inverse opals 6. Hybrid sol-gel materials for photonics 7. Active hybrid materials with light emitting properties 8. Hybrid materials for patterning and waveguiding 9. Semiconductor quantum dot-doped sol-gel materials for non-linear optics 10. Lanthanide-doped transparent glass ceramics 11. Sol-gel derived phosphors for optical applications 12. White light generation 13. Optical gas sensors 14. Sol-Gel Materials for Optical and Electrooptical Applications 15. Sol-gel materials for optical fibers 16. Multifunctional magnetic, optical and electrical nanomaterials processed by sol-gel method

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