Oracle Blockchain Quick Start Guide

A practical approach to implementing blockchain in your enterprise
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Get up and running with Oracle's premium cloud blockchain services and build distributed blockchain apps with ease

Key Features

Discover Hyperledger Fabric and its components, features, qualifiers, and architecture
Get familiar with the Oracle Blockchain Platform and its unique features
Build Hyperledger Fabric-based business networks with Oracle's premium blockchain cloud service

Book DescriptionHyperledger Fabric empowers enterprises to scale out in an unprecedented way, allowing organizations to build and manage blockchain business networks. This quick start guide systematically takes you through distributed ledger technology, blockchain, and Hyperledger Fabric while also helping you understand the significance of Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS).

The book starts by explaining the blockchain and Hyperledger Fabric architectures. You'll then get to grips with the comprehensive five-step design strategy - explore, engage, experiment, experience, and influence. Next, you'll cover permissioned distributed autonomous organizations (pDAOs), along with the equation to quantify a blockchain solution for a given use case. As you progress, you'll learn how to model your blockchain business network by defining its assets, participants, transactions, and permissions with the help of examples. In the concluding chapters, you'll build on your knowledge as you explore Oracle Blockchain Platform (OBP) in depth and learn how to translate network topology on OBP.

By the end of this book, you will be well-versed with OBP and have developed the skills required for infrastructure setup, access control, adding chaincode to a business network, and exposing chaincode to a DApp using REST configuration.

What you will learn

Model your blockchain-based business network by defining its components, transactions, integrations, and infrastructure through use cases
Develop, deploy, and test chaincode using shim and REST, and integrate it with client apps using SDK, REST, and events
Explore accounting, blockchain, hyperledger fabric, and its components, features, qualifiers, architecture and structure
Understand the importance of Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)
Experiment Hyperledger Fabric and delve into the underlying technology
Set up a consortium network, nodes, channels, and privacy, and learn how to translate network topology on OBP

Who this book is forIf you are a blockchain developer, blockchain architect or just a cloud developer looking to get hands-on with Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service, then this book is for you. Some familiarity with the basic concepts of blockchain will be helpful to get the most out of this book
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Vivek Acharya is an IT professional and has been in the world of design, consulting, and architecture for approximately 12 years. He is a certified expert on blockchain, Hyperledger Fabric, Software as a service (SaaS), and analytics. He loves all things associated with the cloud, permissioned decentralized autonomous organization (pDAO), blockchain, predictive analytics, and social business process management (BPM). Anand Eswararao Yerrapati is an IT professional with about 12 years of experience in design, development, and the delivery of solutions for the various use cases of many customers. He works on Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) primarily with mobile, chatbots, blockchain cloud service offerings, and their integrations. He loves to develop end-to-end solutions with the integration of multiple products and shares knowledge through blogs and sessions. Nimesh Prakash is an IT solutions consultant with 13 years of experience. He has been part of multiple facets of enterprise IT solutions including development, design, solution consulting, and architecture. He works and evangelizes on PaaS cloud computing, involving blockchain, chatbots, cloud-native, and container technologies. He has been a regular at public technology events and likes to speak and to demonstrate his areas of interest.
Table of Contents

Exploring Blockchain and BaaS
Construing Distributed Ledger Tech and Blockchain
Delving into Hyperledger Fabric
Engage in Business Case on Blockchain Platform
Managing Solutions on Oracle Blockchain Platform
Developing Solutions on Oracle Blockchain Platform

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