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978-3-03899-464-0 (ISBN)
Paola Anna Garbuglio's work: that is the sign on the card.
For Paola Anna Garbuglio drawing on paper is first of all de-signo, the sign that thought and hand leave on the lightest, but also most permanent material that lends itself to our intervention, with all due respect to the digital world made of bits by short existence. The paper is primarily the search for paper, its color, its hand, its texture, which is already the terrain of the sign. Paper can be found anywhere, as well as the inspiration for its processing. It can be cut, torn, stitched, recomposed, glued in layers, mixed with materials, inks and colors, but it will always remain the territory of the sign. The territorium artis where the sign arrives strong and powerful, never casual, but always caused, always meditated even if sudden and lightning-fast in its deposition on paper. Around the sign, de-signo, everything flows together and does not need to be tried or studied, there is never doubt or uncertainty, but only the will, perfectly controlled, to be able to find its meaning and life on paper. The result is a multifaceted world, never the same, always new and innovative that must be looked at, discovered, loved to be the best food for the ima- gination of our mind.
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978-3-03899-464-0 (9783038994640)
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