Michele Lloyd Miranda Preston Diana Seach

Supporting Children with Autism in Mainstream Schools

Autor: Michele Lloyd Miranda Preston Diana Seach
Reihentitel: Supporting Children
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ISBN13: 9781441179968
ISBN10: 1441179968
Erschienen: 01.02.2002
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Sprache: Englisch
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It is increasingly common for children with autism to attend mainstream schools. In this book, the authors use their expertise and considerable experience of working with and observing pupils with autism to exemplify the challenges faced in the classroom. Most importantly, they suggest practical strategies for successfully meeting pupil's learning needs. The case studies bring to life the everyday concerns of young people, their parents and teachers, and provide different contexts for the demonstration of good practice.
  • "Contents"
  • "Introduction"
  • "Features of autism"
  • "Prevalence"
  • "Diagnosis"
  • "The current picture"
  • "Teaching and learning implications"
  • "Social development"
  • "Emotional development"
  • "Communication development"
  • "Cognitive development"
  • "Motor development"
  • "Behaviour"
  • "Strategies for supporting pupils in the classroom"
  • "A child-centred approach"
  • "Language"
  • "Behaviour"
  • "Social skills"
  • "Emotions"
  • "A whole-school approach"
  • "Assessment"
  • "Classroom organisation"
  • "Accessing the curriculum"
  • "Training"
  • "Liaison with other professionals and parents"
  • "Case Studies:"
  • "James"
  • "Tan"
  • "David"
  • "Luke"
  • "Louis"
  • "Conclusion"
  • "References"
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